La Bruja Restaurant

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Discover the restaurant located on the top of the same hotel building, a rehabilitated historic house from the XVI century, we keep rustic environment.

We look for the best season products, respecting Avila´s tradition on kitchen but innovating with our chef´s contributions.

We highlight in grilled meats. Meat quality, maturation point and contributions of embers make our meat such special!. You can also have different options to meals, daily menu, or personalized ones.

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More than 200 different wines. Our trained staff allows us to pair menus for each client, thanks of that we got several prizes.

We also have the chance to make some of the most important courses in sommelier world “Cámara de Comercio de Madrid”, Formador Homologado en vinos de Jerez”, and others..

We would like to introduce you some of our wines you can find in our menu, we can also recommend some that are not included on it.


All our drinks on the bar come with a “tapa”. Beside the traditional ones you can also taste some of our awarded ones, more than 5 times in “Avila en tapas” competition

Tasty and delicious tapas, which are tipical from Avila

  • Creole Empanada with argentinian chili pepper and malbec reduction
  • Little blood sausage burgers with mushrooms ali oli, sweet onions,and tomato jam
  • Goat and cow craft cheese crunchy ball, and crunchy bacon, blueberrys reduction, ali oli and honey
  • Candied pepper full of blood sausage and sweet pear, over white garlic mousse and spinach bread


It is absolutely essential to enjoy our conditioned terrace, 10 m distance from Avila´s wall, we probably have the best terrace in Avila