Avila´s wall

With 2.5 km perimeter, its cubes, battlements, or its big defensive doors, as Alcázar and San Vicente, Avila´s wall is a symbol of the town and defines its imprint. Currently you can visit most of the wall´s adarve in two sections which are separated for the cemetery of the cathedral


Avila´s cathedral is part of the wall, unites by the defensive cemetery (chimorro). Berruguete´s altarpiece and Tostado´s tomb are the most valuable treasures.


San Vicente’s church

It is an example of spanish romanesque. Its structure is similar to latin basílicas. Consist of a latin cross in its plant, three sectors, dumbbell, clerestory, three apses, trium, three towers and a crypt. All the facade and the environment where it is located are considered of a great artistic value.


Santa Ana convent is located on her birthplace. Te museum is located in the crypt, and it is the best way to follow her steps in Avila

Santo Tomás monastery. Monastery or friars and summer palace for the catholic kings. Adding to the splendor of his church in whose center the tomb of the ill-fated prince Don Juan is guarded his three magnificent cloisters. It was base of operations of the inquisitor Torquemada.

Sierra de Gredos

It extends for more than a hundred kilometers in length and presents an uneven relief resulting from the glacial action on its granite mantle. Among its foothills are cliffs, gorges, ravines, cutlasses, walls, lagoons and moraines. The maximum height of the set is the Pico Almanzor, of 2592 meters, the highest point of the Central System.


The “tapas” is typical in Avila, to the point that once a year there is a tapas competition between the restaurants  of the city.

Our cuisine is conditioned by the production of its environment, that is, by the excellent beef.

That´s the reason of our famous chuletón (huge steak).

Other special flavors of this land are found in the potatoes revolconas, the Beans of the Boat, the asparagus of Lanzahíta, the chorizo ​​of Muñogalindo, etc.

Know our restaurant

If the day goes with you can enjoy in our terrace in front of the wall, and if you prefer, why not try some of our dishes in the building of the sixth century? Sure you'll enjoy it ...